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Bahrisons bookstore is special, is the feeling one gets from entering the book store. The bookshop started in post-partition India - out of the struggle of one man, who - though destined to be a teacher, makes new beginnings in a new country? by opening his small bookstore in New Delhi's Khan Market, India.Today, fifty years after its inception, the group is headed by Balraj Bahri and Anuj B. Malhotra who are assisted by an efficient and professional staff - running the most sought after bookshop in the country. Balraj has given 50 years and Anuj - a long 23 years experience to the Indian Book Industry.Our goal is to provide books that encourage critical thinking and constructive action on the key political, cultural, social, economic and ecological issues shaping life in the Indian Sub-continent and in the world. In this way, we hope to give expression to a wide diversity of democratic and social movements.