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For over 60 years now,l we have been unifying the palate of has not been the simlpest of tasks;india speaks different tounges and has different taste buds to match.however,today,we are a name that has become synonymous with taste and quality not only within india but the world over.Today haidirams occupies consideable shelf space at prominent supermarkets the world over :Tesco,sommerfield,spineys and carrefore.from traditional indian sweets and savouries to the more international chips ,cookies,nuts and sherbets,our products are fast capturing the imagination of people making it possible for us,An outing with your loved ones or moments of fun with your friends, every moment will be worth it when you have the ever-favourite taste of Haldiram's for company. With a world of Indian, Chinese and Continental tastes served on a platter, it'll surely add to your moments like never before.